Thursday, October 29, 2009

302/365 Home in this Town

This is the only hometown our child will remember, and while hometown will always mean the place you grew up, this is feeling more and more like a hometown. Tonight, while we enjoyed jazz, conversation, Merlot and good food with some friends (and my dad), I was thinking about hometowns. In a year where almost everything was lost I've also discovered everything we've found: the schools to work in, a truly caring voice teacher for our girl, a high school opportunity she would never have had on Long Island, and chances for all of us to sing, dance and act in live theater and chorale performances. But most importantly we've found dear, dear friends there for us in times of need and in times of laughter, willing to offer prayers bedside in the ICU, to speak up and seek out career options for us, to advise and console, to laugh with us and share their time with us. We're more and more comfortable here, thirteen years into our Florida adventure. Friends, laughter, music, work. Our new hometown.


BJNR said...

While I may sound like a broken record, "Life is Good!". Welcome home!

Anonymous said...

The G family is such a blessing to ME!! I am so thankful for all of you!
Commandant C

SJR said...

I'm glad we share a hometown. Love y'all!