Friday, October 23, 2009

295/365 DisHarmony

As if it weren't bad enough that I was presenting for the Lurch and Company Educational Trainings, but then they booked my travel on Air Tran (read: Air Ghett0). The seats are made of thin plastic with a material like the reusable grocery bag covering for comfort. Back of the bus, and it's an interesting adventure. So many flying virgins! In row 27 (of 29) I sat, wedged against the window. This was the last departure to home, so they held the flight for late connectors. Beside me was this pretty little thing, a black girl, about 20 years old, who was bubbly and enthusiastic. And a flying virgin. My head was against the wall and I wanted no part, but she tried to chat with me. Her breath was strawberry Twizzler. Then she discovered the armrest radio. Apparently there was an all-Beyonce station. I don't relate that detail because I was listening to the station. I was subjected to Pretty Little Thing's rendition of Beyonce. It was somewhere between the sound Hansel makes when I accidentally step on his tail, and the sound of the coffee grinder. I could only make out the song through the familiar lyrics. She was singing full volume and I was trapped.


LJ said...

We should come up with an autotune earphone that fixes other people's singing.