Sunday, October 18, 2009

291/365 Cool Sunday

Chilly weather, but I was out from the warm covers early. A bit of laundry and housecleaning. Then it was blueberry pancakes for the fam and the BFF who had a sleepover here. Well, not much sleep. They giggled and talked into the wee hours. As a result the teen spent most of the day snoozing. Hubby and I went for a brisk walk. We moved briskly and the weather was brisk too. The cool air didn't prevent some of our indigenous neighbors to surface. We spotted 3 alligators! Mating time or eating time? We waited to see the action, but the chore list called. We had to clean out the garage. In a back corner I've stored "classroom stuff" for almost 8 years. 12 boxes! Mostly junk, though, and as I won't even have a desk in my co-teach situation, it was sorted and re-stacked in the garage. I did like my watch/snooze on the sofa. Having read Running with Scissors at least twice, I never knew there was a movie made of it. The first of many birthday celebrations for the daughter. Tonight it's my parents for round one of the 15th year celebration.


MJ said...

So many labels for this post. We had a full day too but no alligators for us!