Thursday, September 10, 2009

253/365 It was my duty to photograph it

She sat in her car, devouring her frozen yogurt treat, though I don't know how she maintained her appetite. It was a grey Toyota somewhere underneath, but the exterior was mainly adorned with poop. Bird poop. Not just a little poop. The bumper had a UNF sticker, and I guess that the osprey mascot had its nest right over the car. It was paint-splatter-food-fight-mud-wrestler-all over the place poop. Either she pissed off the bird something awful, or she didn't notice that she had pulled into the aviary at the zoo.
I wanted desperately to photograph it for my loyal readership. Really, it was something to see. But the teenage daughter FREAKED. "That is the stupidest thing I ever heard. You are stupid and fricking crazy. You are NOT going to ask that girl to take a picture of her crap car. OMG Mom, No!" I think her head spun a 360. It would've been a journalistic scoop. A blogging first. Artistry and nature, all wrapped in one excrement-covered import. But my teen ruined my rush.


Anonymous said...

journalistic poop scoop LOL