Friday, September 4, 2009

247/365 OMG Wifi In Flight

In spite of the ridiculously early wake-up (2:30 AM), I am so psyched for this weekend. My guy and our girl sit across the aisle from me. She's on Myspace, he's watching HBO comedy while psychologically steering the plane from his window seat. I'm revved up for Sunday morning, the Disneyland half marathon, walking in celebration of the extended warranty on the hubby. Even more exciting is the prospect of visiting family and friends in SoCal, starting with a Buca di Beppo feast with JS, RD, DA, and her beau, R. We'll see cousins and great aunts, with my girl spending a night with her cool cousin DG in Santa Monica. Monday is a long day home, but it is capped off with Ev's first Oklahoma rehearsal. He's back onstage with a gun, a song, and a whole symphony orchestra. An exciting three days ahead!


BJNR said...

"He's back onstage with a gun, a song, and a whole symphony orchestra." The first part of this sentence sends chills up my spine. Please say it's not loaded! :-)

Seriously, great post!! Sounds like you'll have a delightful weekend. Be careful and good luck Sunday!! I'll be thinking about you guys! Love you!

MJ said...

I'm tired just reading this post--but excited too. Have a great time!