Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A New Year's Present to Me from Me

I guess I must travel too much, but I became moist and nearly teary-eyed when I spied this bag at the new luggage store at SJTC today. Strolling the mall before I headed to the airport for the first trip of the year, I thought I owed myself a present.

Among its many features:
Four section design organizes your accessories, laptop, files and tech gear.
• SpeedThru™ pocket for hassle-free airport security checks
The computer part pulls right out!

• Dual purpose back pocket allows bag to slide over the Outsider® handle for fast, convenient travel
It fits right over the handle on my four wheelie roller!

• Four section design: (a) organizer (b) computer (c) fan file (d) ultimate tech sections
Aren't you getting moist too?

• TechGuard™ computer pocket with dual-density foam base and fleece lining
My laptop gets its own fuzzy slippers!

• Computer pocket zips-out for extra packing space
I can shove even more in there!

• Fan file section fits letter and legal size folders
Expense accounts, journals, running logs...

• Computer sleeve fits all 17" laptop screens
Why I bought a 17", I'll never know, but it fits!


Anonymous said...

Oh she's just lovely - does she have a name? Sometimes the best presents are the ones we find ourselves - happy travels and a very happy 08 to your extended blog-family from NorCal!

DiaBelo said...

I am green with envy at your travel score; anything that gets you thru security faster gets my attention. I think you should pitch the copy to the manufacturer. I see an ad campaign in the making.

Cora Spondence said...

I'm smoking a cigarette as we speak!