Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tick Tock Zoom

An odd week for me and a mix of emotions.

Because of the mega-vacation and some luck of scheduling, I have been able to spend more than 6 uninterrupted weeks with EG and Dramaqueen. I haven't had that long a time with the family since October of 2001. And it has been wonderful.

Also this week, EG finally has become motivated to transfer all the compact VHS home videos to digital format. To do this, he purchased a VCR/DVD combo that records from A to B. As a result, I am reliving the first years of Dramaqueen's life. As we seem to lack the directorial discretion that signifies when enough-is-enough, the unedited tapes take us through the first years in real time.

Yesterday I had the privilege to hold a sleeping angel. I was entrusted to hold a precious one in my arms, and I could recall the special gift that it is to have my arms used to cradle and protect a vulnerable new life. Didn't I have one of these of my own?

Then this morning my baby was inducted into another rite of passage. The joy of orthodontia is upon us. Over the next three years the technology that has seemingly changed little since the age of bleedings and leeches shall be employed to straighten the teeth, adjust the jaw, and allow for the last of the baby teeth to exit.

Last of the baby teeth? Weren't we just waiting for baby teeth? Slow down, Big Ben.


MJ said...

I love how you combine so many little elements of the last couple of days (or years) and make it all a bigger reflection. More baby pictures requested...I was looking for some of the real time video.... Another well-crafted post.

Cora Spondence said...

Einstein was talking about this very thing when he theorized about the relativity of time. Heck, he had a family, he knew. He was just trying to make sense of it too.
The DVDs will be such a prize. When IG gets married and has her own babies (when we can call you grandma!)she will have these moments in the time/space continuum to share. That's a lovely bit of folding time in a bright shiny disc.

Anonymous said...

And how did Dramaqueen react to all the footage? I'm sure she's as thrilled and amazed as her Mom and Dad. If not, well, maybe her kids will appreciate it?? LOL
Can't wait to share it with you all - I'm wondering if I planted a little video bug when you were out here? Well - you can show me how it really needs to be done - i'm still cleaning off the dust bunnies on my tapes! Mazel on the soon-to-be even 'more' perfect smile!
-hugs from CA...