Monday, July 16, 2007

Perspiring through the Podcast

Running almost 14 miles, at my pace, is nearly half a day’s work. It has become increasingly important to keep my mind busy during our weekly Sunday Long Run. Besides, I need something to drown out the moaning muscles and the vehement voice of reason shouting in my brain, “Go back to the couch! You aren’t made for this!” The iPod has been an invaluable tool in these efforts. Downloading favorites, from the fast footed like Outkast's Hey Ya’ to tempo run sing-alongs like Love Shack (Baby) has served me well in my first year as a wannabe runner.

As I turn the calendar on year 2 as a reluctant runner, I seek new audio diversions. Further, our Sunday Long Runs are getting longer, as we prepare for the physical destruction that will be the half marathon. Thankfully, I have found a new way to use my trusty technology to trick both brain and body into plodding further down the path: the podcast.

Poking around iTunes I located a slew of NPR, PRI, and APM favorites. I went subscription crazy, downloading missed episodes of Writers Almanac, Word for Word, This American Life, and Car Talk. With Click and Clack added to my posse of running partners, I found myself laughing through the miles. Who knew I was missing important Language Geek shows like KPBS’s A Way with Words? Now they aren’t lost to me. With my newfound toy I can work out both mind and body.


LJ said...

I love the Podcast. My favorite is The Beatdown, which is about MMA, but there is a podcast for every occassion/fetish. They're what push the iPod past just being a glorified walkman

MJ said...

Whatever it takes to get you through the long run. I don't know how you do it.

One of my favorite podcasts is about aviation: The Finer Points.

I wonder which podcasts your other readers like...hmmmm...maybe they will comment.

Anonymous said...

saved your new blog address on my favorites (Ilana's, too) aren't you proud of me? but I can't delete the travel blogs... mom