Friday, July 6, 2007

Baby I Was(n't) Born to Run

Back at home and back on track. On trail. On the Black Creek Trail near the house. 3 days home, and we've done two of our regular 5.6 mile routes (AKA the 'Bucks n' Back) and a 7:30 AM 5K on the 4th of July.

Then we came home and registered for 5 more races, beginning with a 5K on the 21st of this month and culminating with our first 1/2 Marathon on December 16th. Hopefully, with six months training time and cooler December weather, we will be able to attain our goal, vertical completion.

It was odd, racing on the 4th, not to see LJ, MJ and Mom waiting for us at the finish line. MJ and Mom, cheering for us, LJ working hard not to gloat about his fast feet. We did see many familiar faces, though, and we're growing in our appreciation of what a good running city this is.

Wednesday's race provided a new experience for us too. A 5K in the rain was a wonderful thing to complete. It was liberating! A slight breeze added to the delight. With rain plunking down around me and the sound of wet footsteps as the fast people pass me by, I felt completely free to belt along to the uptempo soundtrack on the nano, "Love Shack, yeah..."

I'm not good at running. I'm certainly not fast, and I totally wasn't born for it. My physique is the polar opposite of the runner's ideal. But what the heck, I like it.


MJ said...

We would have come if we'd known! Our 4th was unenventful. Our last race was a big day--as you remember. Let us know your other dates...perhaps a sidebar calendar so we know when to show up and cheer!

LJ said...

You guys are so motivated -- signing up for races and what not. I need to start doing that. Saturday could be race day.