Friday, March 2, 2007

Illinois Seminar Run

The chimes of mediocrity at the Clock Tower in Rockford, Illinois were just the beginning of a weeklong crescendo to Springfield Illinois's Signature Inn.

I am here to present myself as a positive professional, a representative of a national company built upon a strong belief in the best interests of educators. Teachers are invited to come, to open their minds (and their wallets) in order to further the learning of their students, an act of selflessness that entitles them to some respect, I think.

And what of the staff and presenters? For better or worse, we must come out on the road to connect with the teachers who can make the changes in the classroom. This means forfeiting family time, losing leisurely hours lounging at home, and hobbling from one hideous hotel to the next. But even we, the sturdy road warriors, have our breaking points.

Interesting bedding entrails.

Soiled seating for the seminar.

The slashes in the sheet.

Bloody blemishes on the blanket?

Curious curtain contamination.

New wallpapering technique?


MJ said...

This hotel looks really frightening. I'm looking forward to more blog posts from you because you go to so many off-the-beaten-path places. Plus, I think you're a great writer. :)
I'll send you a link to mine as well.