Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Home Sweet Ouch

How I love living in my Florida home! And this week I have actually lived here. My week at home arrived in a timely manner too. With spring, the yard calls me, and the swimming season officially begins.

Frolicking near the Fountain

Chillin' in a Chaise
Maintaining the tropical foliage requires a good bit of pruning and preening. Dangling precariously off of a ladder I rein in the renegade branches of the crepe myrtle. Down on my knees I dig out the roots of the ubiquitous clover. Bending and stretching, I work my landscape into shape (and my body out of shape, thank you Advil). Florida has her mysterious ways of combining beauty and danger. The soothing bend of the palm tree bough, swaying in a warm breeze attracts many a vacationer. These soothing sights create some serious sores for the seasonal gardener. I was willfully attacked by a palm in my yard. Evidently, she didn't want to be pruned, so she speared me with a seven-inch spike. Right through the glove and into the index finger on my right hand.

The Plant of Death
Owwiee! As a righty, the use of that finger is vital to all recreational activities!

In appreciation for all things natural, we recently purchased this lovely bird feeder.
Okay, it wasn’t for our appreciation of things natural, it was for the amusement of our 2 cats, Hansel and Gretel. They love to window-watch, and we thought that birds frolicking near this feeder would be a great amusement for them. Maybe we need a sign near the feeder “Free food - Don’t mind the 2 black cats in the window…”
In all, I can't complain. 75 degrees, sunny skies, and it's still March. It's good to be home.


MJ said...

My sentiments exactly about living in Florida. It has been SO beautiful lately. Everyday I find myself saying what a beautiful day it is. It is impossible to sit outdoors without creating a little list of things to do in the yard. We've placed a call to the sod man; we mean business this spring. :) I'm glad you've been at home this week. You deserve some down time.

LJ said...

From experience vis-a-vis the "bird feeder", there has never been any such thing (I read some William F. Buckley this morning). There are only different types of squirrel feeders.

Judabear said...

We'd be happy with some squirrels. Right now the cats watch the bird feeder, just waiting for something to happen. It's like they know that they should be seeing something. They look so sad, really.