Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Not our Wednesday Routine

Our Wednesday night tap class was cancelled so we found ourselves with an almost-free evening. After school I grabbed the girl and we met up with Daddy for a trip to Costco and a stop at Mochi. We've really come to love that place for a sweet and tart yogurty treat. We all dig the Taro flavor, which I guess is some kind of a root flavoring. Sadly, tonight they had run out of our favorite topping, the green tea mochi. Before this place opened we'd never had it, but it's become number one for us. It's some kind of a soft, sweetened rice cube, and it makes for a delicious counterpoint to the smooth and cool yogurt. We made due with some mini chocolate chips, coconut flakes, and of course plenty of laughter. Being together makes everything sweet.


MJ said...

I can never do just one flavor but I rarely do toppings. Either way, your post will have me headed to Mochi by this weekend for sure.

BJNR said...

We'll have to go there the next time we're in JAX.

EJG said...

I want a Mochi machine in our kitchen.

Well... I'd settle for one on Fleming Island.