Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy/Sad Day

Sad Happy
My girl spiked a fever at school and her grandma had to go pick her up. She stayed there with Grandma and Grandpa until I finished my voice lesson, and we both finished a Chorale rehearsal. Happy to have Grandma and Grandpa here, and I know that they are happy to see out girl, but sad that she's feverish and blue.

Happy Sad
Teaching is hitting a rhythm and I'm managing the workload. I've even found time to practice, and I prepared three pieces for vocal juries on Saturday. My first lesson on the repertoire went pretty well. I was proud of my work, but again sad for the path not taken.

Sometimes I think I can handle only one emotion at a time, and today I had simultaneous opposite feelings. Time to lose myself in someone else's story for a few pages, and put myself to bed.


MJ said...

Happy/sad. Isn't that just life? But I know how you feel. I'm also sorry to hear IG is sick. (Again, khyf.) (Is that really an acronym in use or did I just make it up?) Here's hoping tomorrow is just happy.

BJNR said...

Careful of traveling through the land of "what if". It could make you crazy.

EJG said...

We couldn't enjoy the happy without the sad, or the calm without the craziness, or the successes without the "what ifs".