Tuesday, January 20, 2009

20/365 Room to the View

When the 44th President of the United States took his oath I was in the concourse C Crowne Room at the Atlanta airport, en route to Augusta, Georgia. Airports and flights today seemed sparsely populated. The terminal walkways echoed with Wolf Blitzer and company and their constant commentary on this "moment in history." Yet in the Crowne Room, this oasis of civility reserved for elite travelers to escape the chaos of airport travel, few paid the moment any attention. Most were busy with Blackberry and Bluetooth, backs purposely turned on the flat screen. A few of us sat close and listened, sharing embarrassed, clandestine glances through teary eyes. I wonder about the others. Staunch, vengeful Republicans? Card-carrying racists? In my head I shouted at them, "You can turn your back on history. The country is moving the other way without you!"


LJ said...

Most likely clueless Americans more worried about widgets than history. this is who we are

JSG said...

Heaven help us, then.

EJG said...

No. Not clueless. If Palin were up there, they would have been watching with big smiles. These people seriously need to move out of the country. No, I take that back. They DESTROYED the country for the last eight years... they should stick around to fix it.