Monday, February 25, 2008

Ortega River Run 2008

This race was a second time around for us. ORR 2007 was a chilly, long-sleeve February day. 2008 gave us a misty start, than a breezy seventy degree run throughout the race.

I love the neighborhoods along this route, much of which keeps us close to the water. As the clouds cleared we crossed the first of two bridges. I felt fast and furious (for me) in mile two, and the GPS confirmed it. I ran that split in just under nine minutes, even while singing along to my iPod, "She's just a girl who claims that I am the one.."

While I couldn't maintain that pace, EJG and I finished with self respect, improving on our 2007 time by more than 2 minutes. A year later, still chugging along, and still loving it. I think we're winning the race!


Cora Spondence said...

Congratulations on yet another successful run! Your passion(yes, that's right, it's a passion now!) comes out loud and clear with every running post.

MJ said...

LJ missed this one and meant to run it. This baby thing keeps us busy. We're so sad and nostalgic for last year's race because it was his (our) first. Oh well, we're trying to get over it. There's always next year.