Thursday, May 31, 2007

Seven Little Known Things About Me

I was tagged on this more than a month ago, so here goes.

1. My first boyfriend, RF, was a total geek who I didn’t like at all, but I only went out with him because my sorta’-friends/ neighbors Jacki and Roy had been going out forever. I was in seventh grade and SO sick of sitting in Roy’s basement listening to Zeppelin and not watching them make out, so I said yes to RF. It lasted less than a month.

2. I cry excessively at movies. Happy things make me weep. Sad things make me bawl. The first time I saw Terms of Endearment I was getting dirty looks from others in the theater because I was sobbing so loudly.

3. My iPod’s running playlist has songs by both Kanye West and Barry Manilow. That’s what happens when a Jew grows up too close to the ‘hood.

4. I like ketchup on my mashed potatoes. I like it even better if there’s some cooked spinach mixed in.

5. I can only chew a piece of gum until the flavor runs out, so if/when I buy a pack of gum for a flight, the whole thing is gone before we land. I spit out the flavor-spent pieces into the barf bag.

6. Lately I’m so excited about the shadow of a deltoid muscle, starting to peek out from beneath 40+ years of flab, that I find myself pushing up my sleeves and stealing extra glances in the mirror. If I ever became buff, I may be downright impossible to live with.

7. I slept with a teddy bear until my wedding night. Then I married something soft and fuzzy and the rest is history.


MJ said...

You and Cora did such a good job with your 7 little known things. I was tagged on this also but have really struggled.
I can't decide which of yours is my favorite fact but the ketchup thing really surprises me. Spinach? You know I love it!

LJ said...

Re: #6
Sun's out, guns out. Let me know when you start cutting the sleeves off of your t-shirts.

Cora Spondence said...

Okay, #2 it's a surprise. That being said, don't ever watch the last 15 minutes of the Civil War movie, Glory or the the last ten minutes of Million Dollar Baby. Devastatingly sad, you'll never catch your breath.
Well now, #3, AHA! All the mocking with Barry I've endured and here you are, a closet Fanilow.
Very satisfying.
The thing with the potatoes---that's just wrong, I tell ya.