Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Musings after a night of witnessing history...

I have always loved my country.

For the last eight years it seemed like the kind of love I offered wasn't welcome. My love came with suggestions. My love came with a stern critique. "Love is blind" is a lie perpetrated by those who refuse to see. In the best relationships we see the flaws in one another and work together to grow. Too often I heard that my love for country wasn't authentic because I questioned, or because I showed disappointment.

Those opposed to my brand of love stole from me. Not only did they hold onto the White House and most state houses, but they took the symbols that belong to all of us.

But the flag is, and always was, mine too.


EJG said...

To paraphrase our new first lady-elect... For the first time in eight years... I AM REALLY PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!

(...and, for the first time in four years, I'm also proud to be a Floridian)

Anonymous said...

Being born on Flag Day never seemed that big a deal.

Maybe now it will :)

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