Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Maybe we don't deserve it

My comments to EJG's post, In Defense of George W. Bush, were becoming too long winded for the little comment box.

Come on, now. The best thing since JFK or Lincoln? You can't honestly believe that Mr. and Mrs. United States would ever buy that one. Not the folks who voted for the W because he's a guy with whom we'd like to have a few beers, a fantastic criterion for selecting the leader of the free world, by the way.

Just for fun, I looked up the word "elitist," one of Obama's supposed flaws. Did you know that the its opposite of elitist is "populist?" According to the American Heritage Dictionary, populist is defined as a supporter of the rights and power of the people.

How can the Republicans succeed with the same tactics every time? Kerry, the war hero, questioned on his war record. Gore, a participant in the birth of the digital age, ridiculed for his mention of that fact. And now Obama, the "elitist" child of a food-stamp recipient single mother has been successfully tagged as elitist. A community organizer (that's a populist position - look it up) who worked for $10,000 a year after graduating Harvard, is "elitist," when the average Harvard grad pulled down a salary well into the six figures.

If the American people can be fooled again with the same tricks and are sentenced to another four years of the same disastrous policies, then I guess we deserve the world's ill will, ailing environment, and economic apocalypse of 2008. Besides, both JFK and Lincoln were taken out of office too soon, and both were taken down by Americans.

We can all go to bed early on November 4th. It isn't even going to be close.


MJ said...

So true and it hurts to be reminded...

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Just wanted to share...