Monday, July 21, 2008

Silent Offerings

It happens in the cover of silence, in the darkest hours of night. Silently, stealthily, she pads her way across the house from the great room, through the kitchen, past the front door and down the hallway. Gretel’s nightly pilgrimage with her toy is rarely witnessed by human eyes. Clenched firmly between her teeth, Gretel transports the toy by its bright pink and yellow 18” string. As she walks in her low and cautious gait the foot-long transparent plastic handle drags behind her. Each morning we awake to see Gretel sitting vigil beside her offering, watching the toy as she patiently awaits her morning cat snacks. Usually she journeys alone as Hansel, her brother sleeps soundly through the night. Once, on a late night bathroom stop, I witnessed the silent journey. Gretel led the way with her determined sense of purpose and Hansel tagged behind. He thought it was play, making a game of chasing the handle as it dragged behind Gretel. Somehow I know this isn’t just play to Gretel. The toy offering is serious to her. Maybe she feels it is her duty to hunt and capture and then offer up her find to her hosts. To Gretel this might be her way of evening up the tab with her human caretakers.


MJ said...

Reminds me of when Mr. K used to drag his mouse to the ass whipping pole each night and meow for someone to come get him.

Great details in that piece!

MJ said...

Something you may need to know:
Ass whipping pole = scratching post.

EJG said...

Loved the description of our "daily offering". But I especially liked MJ's use of the phrase "ass whipping pole". It was so out-of-character for her. I laughed for a good two minutes... and would have laughed even longer if I hadn't scrolled down to read her explanation. I kinda wish she had left it up to our imagination.

Kate said...

Just be glad you feline "hunts" for you gifts inside the house. My black beauty (when I forget to close the doggy door) hunts outside. About 2 A M I am rousted awake by very loud rounds of MEOOOW! I have been given dozens of lizzards, 2 ground moles, 2 snakes (@ 12 inches long) and 2 birds--one I saved and one I couldn't. I usually manage to get them from her and take them outside, but she's not happy. What puzzles me most tho is how does she meow so loud or even at all with her mouth full?