Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Time Changes

While I love to come and work out West, the time change always kicks me hard. An early-to-bed-and-early to rise gal back East, I have a hard time staying awake past 7 PM Pacific time. My brain sounds reveille at 5 AM promptly (Eastern) and by the time I have to start work at 8:30 Pacific, I'm exhausted.

Sunday night, my first in a week in the Northwest, was particularly rough. I tossed and turned for hours, willing myself to fall asleep.Giving up at around 4 AM, I turned on the light. The blanket was halfway across the room and all four corners of the fitted sheet had recoiled toward the center. I had put up a good fight but lost.

Last night was much better. I took precautions. A heavy meal for dinner including pasta and meatballs, half of a half of a glass of red wine, and a warm vanilla steamer made for the perfect potion. I fell asleep reading, less than a paragraph into the next chapter of my trashy murder-mystery.

When I my eyes opened this morning I was afraid to look at the clock. I lay in a state of denial for about ten minutes before hazarding a glance. 4:57! I'd made it! Thank you, thank you, thank you, o blessed goddess of sleep. I am so grateful for the gift of sleep! A perfect landing overnight, leading up to a perfect morning of run, Kashi bar, blog and workshop.

So thankful for sleep, so proud of this achievement, it got me thinking. Grateful as I am for the gift of sleep, there is a gift I treasure even more: waking to another day.


Anonymous said...

Wish you were waking up further south! No chance of a detour before heading home?

MJ said...

I think we've all felt that sense of relief after sleeping through the night. You really brought back that feeling--it's heightened since you're in a hotel and not at home.

As always, an enjoyable post. :)